14 Low Calorie High Protein Meals: Quick and Easy (Under 500Kcal)

Hello! I’ve got 14 quick, easy, and delicious high-protein, low-calorie protein meals to share with you today. These satisfying recipes packed with flavor will help you lose weight without feeling hungry or guilty. With these low-fat customized meal ideas, you can cut calories without cutting taste or nutrition.

Look, I get the struggle. Some days it feels impossible to eat healthy when life is chaotic, right? But sticking to a plan gets way easier when you have a whole family of yummy, simple recipes like these in your arsenal. These are my absolute go-to’s and I eat these low-calorie meals every day.

Woman with a plate with baked salmon, sweet potatoes and tenderstem broccoli

Get ready to enjoy guilt-free breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and even snacks under 500 calories per serving. Low-calorie high-protein meals!

A great thing about meal prepping is that you can prep recipes in advance and pack them in your meal prep lunch box containers to take for busy work days. That way you have healthy, homemade options ready to grab and go when you don’t have time to cook.

So skip the takeout and let’s cook up some quick, delicious, feel-good meals. Grab your apron and chef’s knife friend, it’s time to get cookin’!

What Are Low Calorie High Protein Meals?

High-protein meals are clutch when you want to maintain a healthy weight. Foods rich in protein like eggs, meat, and beans keep you feeling full and energized way more than empty carbs. Having go-to, delicious high-protein recipes makes it easy to shift your diet to focus on protein and fewer empty calories.

Start small by picking one new high-protein recipe each week to add to your roster. Before you know it, cooking nutritious protein-packed meals will be second nature!

Low-calorie high protein meals maximize protein and minimize calories by focusing on nutrient-dense whole foods like lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains like brown rice and oatmeal. By building meals around high-protein foods that are naturally low in calories, you can feel fully satisfied while eating less.

To avoid high-fat, high-calorie foods like white pasta or highly processed grains, check out this list of unhealthy foods to limit or avoid. By focusing your diet on lean proteins and produce, you can create satisfying low-calorie meals that keep you full

Low calorie high protein meals
Image by Ksenija Pecerska

Now that you know the basic formula for putting together low-calorie high protein meals, let’s get to the good stuff – the recipes!

Here are my 14 quick, healthy dinner easy, and delicious high-protein meals all under 500 calories per serving. I categorized them to make it easier for you to navigate.


Greek Yogurt Parfait

Greek yogurt parfait in a bowl
Image by: Janis Pavulans

This delicious parfait is my go-to when I’m rushed in the morning but still want something nutritious. I will always have a couple of these lying in my fridge. This is as simple as it gets you can prep it ahead of time. In a mason jar or bowl layer some creamy, protein-packed yogurt with fresh berries and crunch it up with some toasted oats or homemade granola. The combo of protein, fiber, and healthy fats keeps you satisfied for hours.


Pro tip

Make them ahead on Sunday for grab-and-go breakfasts all week long!

Get my Greek yogurt parfait recipe here.

Veggie Egg White Omelette

Egg white omelette with vegetables
Image by Ksenija Pecerska

Hands down, omelets are my favorite way to get a protein punch to start my day! I load mine up with all kinds of flavorful goodies like sautéed mushrooms, wilted spinach, red bell peppers, and juicy cherry tomatoes to turn an ordinary omelet into a mouthwatering masterpiece. Egg whites give you all the slimming protein of eggs without all the fat and calories of the yolks, so you can feel good about enjoying this hearty breakfast. With its combo of protein, fiber, and nutrients, this omelet will keep you feeling energized and full all morning long. Now that’s my idea of the perfect balanced breakfast!


Pro tip

Add some grilled chicken breast for even more satisfying protein power!

Get my Veggie Egg White Omelette recipe here.

Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancakes served on the plate
Image by: Janis Pavulans

Who doesn’t love starting their morning with a tall stack of fluffy pancakes? The problem is, that traditional pancakes can be heavy and leave you feeling sluggish. That’s why I lighten up this breakfast favorite by adding Greek yogurt and protein powder to the batter. The result is tender, fluffy pancakes that provide a boost in my protein intake and keep me fueled all morning. Now you can enjoy this cherished breakfast treat guilt-free knowing these slimmed-down pancakes are powered by protein!

Pro tip: Top them with fresh berries for a pop of sweetness and nutrition without the need for sugary syrup.

Get my Protein pancake recipe here.

Red Lentil Breakfast Bowl

Lentil Salad
Image by Ksenija Pecerska

This wholesome low-calorie bowl is a new breakfast favorite of mine! This protein-loaded bowl is a game changer. Quick-cooking red lentils are paired with fluffy scrambled eggs, crisp sautéed greens, sweet peppers, and onions for a savory texture party in your mouth. Topped with a tangy tahini sauce, this bowl makes your tastebuds sing! Although it looks fancy schmancy, this low-calorie meal comes together in just 20 minutes flat.

Pro Tip: Cook up a batch of red lentils on Sunday to use in breakfast bowls all week long. Meal prep for the win!

Get my Red Lentil breaky bowl recipe here.


Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps

Tuna salad lettuce wraps sered on the plate
Image by: Janis Pavulans

For a lighter but satisfying lunch, I’ll whip up a tuna salad with protein-packed yogurt, diced peppers and onions, and fresh herbs for zing. I’ll wrap it in crispy lettuce leaves or low-calorie tortillas when time is tight. The tuna and yogurt provide a protein punch while the crunch of the lettuce and burst of lemon juice add refreshing texture and flavor. Pair it with a cauliflower rice and you’ve got a perfectly balanced, delicious workday lunch that comes together in minutes.

Pro tip: You can use leftover chicken for this recipe

Get my Tuna salad lettuce wrap recipe here.

Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomato

Chicken salad stuffed tomato
Image by: Janis Pavulans

One of my go-to low-calorie meals is stuffed pepper, but here is the secret. Just like stuffed peppers, you can stuff tomatoes or any other hollow vegetable. How cute are these salad-stuffed tomatoes? I scoop out beefsteak tomatoes and stuff them with a tasty grilled chicken and salad with pecans and diced apple. It’s a fun way to brighten up any weekday lunch.

Pro tip: You can make your own stuffing be it vegan or vegetarian.

Get my Chicken salad stuffed tomato recipe here.

Black Lentil Soup

Black lentil soup in the plate
Image by: Janis Pavulans

This delicious meal might take a little more time, but you can make a big batch and freeze it in food-safe containers. Cozy up with a big bowl of this deeply flavorful, protein-rich lentil soup that will make your taste buds dance! It’s got lots of other veggies like carrots, red onion, and even sweet potato. I love having a bowl with some whole-grain crackers or crusty bread for dipping.

Pro tip: adding vegetables

Get my Black lentil soup recipe here.

Veggie and Bean Wrap

Putting the filling into the wrap

Wraps make such a great quick meal, for everyone who is on the go. I load mine with homemade bean hummus, chopped cucumbers, bell peppers, red onions, and a touch of BBQ sauce. The best part is that you can use any beans you like black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans you name it! Quick to make and easy to customize is what makes this one of my all-time favorite low-calorie high-protein meals. You can prep ahead of time and put them in your meal prep lunchbox for busy work days.

Pro tip: You can swap bean hummus for ground turkey or grilled chicken breasts to add extra protein boost.

Get my Veggie and bean wrap recipe here.


Healthy Burgers

Healthy burger in hands
Image by: Janis Pavulans

Dinner just got exciting with these healthy burgers! Swap out beef for lean ground turkey, or dice up some chicken breasts to keep the calories low. These low-calorie, juicy patties are amped up with feta cheese, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes. I like to serve turkey burgers on a whole wheat bun and load up with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Finally, you can add some steamed green beans or cauliflower rice on a side to make it a full-fledged meal. You won’t believe how much flavor and healthiness you can stack between those buns. Much healthier than regular beef burgers but just as tasty!

Pro tip: Low fat (2%) Ground turkey is my go-to, but you can also use low-calorie ground beef, just pick the one that is very low in fat (3-5%)

Get my Healthy burger recipe here.

Sheet Pan Salmon and Vegetables

Cooked salmon with vegetables
Image by: Janis Pavulans

Looking for a healthy dinner that’s as easy as it is elegant, but you are short on time? This is the perfect dish for busy weeknights! All you need to do is toss salmon filets and broccoli florets onto a trusty baking sheet. Drizzle them with a touch of olive oil, a squeeze of zesty lemon juice or wine, and a sprinkle of fragrant herbs. Then, pop that pan in the oven and let the magic happen. As you can see this delicious meal takes minutes to prep and you can sit back and relax while it is done.

Pro tip: If you get bored with broccoli use other quick-cooking vegetables like courgettes, red peppers, red onions, asparagus, or green beans.

Get my Sheet pan salmon and broccoli recipe here.

Cauliflower Pizza

Colyflower Pizza
Image by Ksenija Pecerska

Cauliflower makes the most amazing healthy pizza crust. I know everyone has their favorite recipe for cauliflower pizza. Not only does mine boost a protein kick, but also has an extra ingredient that makes this pizza extra crispy. The smell of melting cheese and Italian seasoning will make your taste buds burst. Cut calories without missing out on pizza night or spice up your dinner parties! Top it with tomato sauce, veggies, and a little cheese for a guilt-free treat. Don’t worry if you don’t have a food processor, you can get the same results using a Chef’s knife and a bit of patience.

Pro tip: you can freeze these bad boys and pull them out for a quick midweek meal.

Get my Cauliflower pizza recipe here.

Turkey Meatballs With Zucchini Noodles

Serving hot turkey metballs into the plate
Image by: Janis Pavulans

I know everyone has their favorite pasta dish, but there is nothing low-calorie about it! So if you are worried about your calorie intake – here’s a lighter, tastier twist to satisfy your cravings. Imagine juicy turkey meatballs swimming in a savory marinara sauce, all cozied up with spiralized zucchini noodles. It’s like comfort food without the carb overload! This low-calorie meal is very filling and is good for lunch and dinner.

Pro tip: you can spiralize carrots and slice peppers to make them more colorful.

Get my Turkey meatballs with zucchini noodles recipe here.


Cottage Cheese and Berries

Cottage cheese bowls

Here’s a delicious dish that is low-calorie but bursting with protein. This one is so simple you can make your kids make it for you! I love to top a generous scoop of cottage cheese with a handful of fresh, juicy berries or fruits that are lying around. Cottage cheese is so underrated! It’s high in protein and calcium.

Pro tip: For an extra crunch, throw in some nuts or granola. It’s a satisfying snack that’ll keep you going strong!

Get my Cottage cheese and berries recipe here.

Protein Smoothie

Low calorie high protein meals
Image by Ksenija Pecerska

Grab your blender and toss in some yogurt, milk, banana, frozen fruit, and protein powder for an energizing, nutrient-dense snack or light meal. Add kale or spinach for extra nutrition, substance, and color.

Feeling adventurous? Add a dollop of peanut butter for that creamy goodness or sneak in some spinach for an extra nutritional punch. The possibilities are endless, and the flavors are oh-so-delicious! Ready to blend up your next dose of vitality?

Pro tip: I use plant-based protein it tends to have less sugars and additives

Get my Protein smoothie recipe here.

How Can Low-Calorie High Protein Meals help your diet?

Eating more low calorie high protein meals can provide some awesome benefits for your diet and health goals:

  • They help increase weight loss when reducing calories since protein keeps you feeling fuller longer. No more hunger pangs or deprivation!
  • The combo of lean protein, fruits, and veggies gives you sustained energy rather than quick-burning carbs. You’ll have the fuel you need to power through your day.
  • High-protein meals support building and maintaining lean muscle mass, which revs up your metabolism. More metabolism means more calories burned, yay!

Want to take your healthy eating to the next level? Explore my range of articles where I share tips, how-to’s, and a list of foods to be mindful of.

I’ll also give you my take on the best meal prep lunch boxes and recommend a budget-friendly chef’s knife. The more you learn, the simpler it becomes to reach your dietary goals. Let’s journey towards better health together!


There you have it! These are my favorite low-calorie meals, that are bursting with protein. As you can see it is not just about stuffing yourself with lifeless chicken breasts and steamed vegetables. With these 14 satisfying low-calorie high-protein meals, you have everything you need to start losing weight while still enjoying delicious food.

Red lentil salad ingredients in the bowls on the wooden board
Image by: Janis Pavulans

Eating more nutritious meals focused on fewer calories per serving, and protein, fruits, and veggies will help suppress appetite, build lean muscle, stabilize energy, and rev up fat burning.

I hope you enjoyed low calorie high protein meals ideas post and will have a look at my other healthy recipes. Remember, take it easy – one bite at a time. Have a great week and I see you soon!

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