Cauliflower Pizza: Healthy and delicious

Pizza lovers, listen up! I’ve got a healthy recipe that delivers on that irresistible crispy, cheesy goodness WITHOUT the calories or guilt. As a nutrition coach dedicated to feel-good food, I’ve perfected a crave-able cauliflower pizza crust recipe that I can’t wait for you to try!

Listen, I get the pizza obsession…that irresistible flavor combo of a crisp golden crust, bubbling cheese, and savory toppings is pretty hard to beat! But many traditional pies can pack a ton of carbs, fat, and calories that leave you feeling blah. That’s why I put my nutrition know-how to work creating a veggie-based crust that cuts calories WITHOUT sacrificing the experience you love. I’m talking next-level cauliflower pizza, baby!

In this post, I’ll walk you through my easy peasy crust recipe step-by-step, and offer creative topping ideas to customize your pizza! Let’s dive in!

Cauliflower pizza
Image by: Ksenija Pecerska

Health Benefits

Cauliflower pizza offers nutritional perks you won’t find in a traditional pizza. You have to try it and that’s why:


Veggie crust gives fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K boost

Lowers carbs

Swaps white dough for riced cauliflower

Controls calories & fat

Uses lean protein & lots of produce

Still crispy & cheesy

Same irresistible pizza texture & flavor

Guilt-free seconds

A wholesome way to enjoy this favorite food.

Cauliflower Pizza

A Healthy Vegetarian Recipe

Cauliflower pizza is my new obsession! This easy veggie crust is the perfect healthy substitute for traditional dough. It’s packed with nutrients and saves calories, fat, and carbs. But the best part? It bakes up crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside – just like the real deal. Topped with savory tomato sauce, gooey cheese, and fresh basil, this cauliflower pizza will become your new favorite Friday night meal!


When it comes to the crust, cauliflower is the star of the show here. By ricing or grating the cauliflower into tiny pieces, it bakes up with a texture quite similar to dough. Mixing in egg, cheese, and almond flour further enhances crispness and binding power. But feel free to experiment with other veggie or nut flour bases to change the flavor profile. Just aim for at least a cup of finely processed raw veggies as the foundation.

The fun comes with customizing your toppings and sauce. Go classic with tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni or ground meat, onions, olives, and bell peppers. Or branch out into pesto spreads, white sauces, or hummus instead of marinara. Swap out meat for plant-based crumbles or your fave veggies to pack more fiber and nutrients. And finish it off with fresh herbs, spices, or squeezes of lemon juice. The options are endless!

Just remember – loading up on high-fat meats, cheese, oil or creamy sauces can quickly amplify calories. For the healthiest option, build your pizza around a rainbow of produce and lean proteins like beans or chicken breast. This allows you to indulge in this favorite food while still keeping your body feeling its best!

Image made by Ksenija Pecerska


There you have it, my friends! Healthy, delicious, lower in calories – homemade cauliflower pizza! In this post, I share an easy, healthy cauliflower pizza crust recipe that delivers the crispy, cheesy goodness you crave without the carbs, fat, and calories.

This is my new favorite meal, as you can customize and pizza every day and get a new unique recipe.

I also talk about the benefits of cauliflower crust over traditional pizza, like added nutrition, fewer carbs/fat/calories, and the same delicious texture and flavor.

Give it a try and share your thoughts about this easy and healthy recipe! Remember, one bite at a time! Check out my other recipes and I see you soon.

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