Black Lentil Soup: Easy Healthy lunch idea

Listen up, my soup-loving friends! Get ready to have your minds BLOWN by the most insanely delicious, nutritious soup you’ve EVER tasted – my famous protein-packed black lentil soup!

This easy soup became my go-to recipe when I’m not in the mood to cook. It’s so simple, and packed with protein and fiber! So if you’re looking for a soup that will warm you from the inside out and doesn’t take long to make, this is your go-to!

In this post, I’ll share a step-by-step Black Lentil Soup recipe, reasons why you should try it out, ingredients, and their benefits. Let’s dive in!

Why Black lentil soup?

I carefully selected each ingredient in this soup to create a perfect nutritional balance of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Protein-packed lentils plus a rainbow of vegetables deliver a bounty of benefits. The onions, garlic, carrots and tomatoes provide a rich depth of flavor along with antioxidants to support health. Warming spices like cumin lend their distinctive aroma and aid digestion. The result is a hearty, soul-soothing vegetarian soup bursting with nutrients to keep you energized and satisfied for hours. This simple wholesome combination nourishes your body and tastes absolutely delicious – the perfect feel-good meal! I can’t wait for you to enjoy all the wonderful wellness perks in each mouthwatering spoonful.

Black lentils

  • High in protein and fiber to keep you satisfied and full
  • Loaded with iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and other minerals
  • Maintain steady energy levels thanks to complex carbs
  • The bold, earthy flavor stands up well to seasoning and broth


  • Provides aromatics that build a strong flavor base
  • Contains compounds that boost immunity
  • Adds texture


  • Excellent source of vitamin A for healthy eyes and skin
  • Contains beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant to protects cells
  • High in vitamin K, important for blood clotting
  • Rich in vitamin C and magnesium for immune support
  • Provide natural sweetness to balance other flavors


  • High water content keeps the soup hydrating
  • Supplies electrolytes like potassium and sodium
  • Contains compounds that act as diuretics
  • Excellent source of vitamin K
  • Delivers folate, vitamin B2, copper and manganese
  • Imparts fresh, earthy flavor notes
  • Gives a delightful crunch when cooked briefly

Bell peppers

  • Burst of vitamins A, C, and B6 to reduce inflammation
  • Crisp texture and versatility as an ingredient
  • A vibrant red color brightens up the bowl

Olive oil

  • Heart-healthy fats from monounsaturated fatty acids
  • Allows for cooking without burning or changing flavors
  • Rich, velvety mouthfeel


Cumin, coriander, and smoked paprika, these warming spices add layers of earthiness, brightness, and smokiness that perfectly complement the lentils.

Cumin lends its distinctive earthy, aromatic flavor and aids digestion. Coriander provides fresh, citrusy notes to balance the deeper flavors while boasting antioxidant power. Smoked paprika contributes a subtle sweet smokiness and contains anti-inflammatory healing compounds from peppers.

Together, this flavorful trio of spices not only elevates the taste of the soup, but also delivers digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits. Their combined qualities bring out the best in the lentils and vegetables, resulting in a well-rounded, aromatic, and soul-warming soup.

Step-by-step recipe

Start with preparing all the ingredients and let’s get slicing! Let’s make this black lentil soup now!

If you are looking to learn how to slice vegetables, start by checking my latest post on How To Cut Onions Like A Pro Chef.

  1. In a large soup pot, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the chopped onion, garlic, carrot, celery, and red bell pepper. Sauté for about 5-7 minutes or until the vegetables start to soften.
  2. Stir in the ground cumin, ground coriander, and smoked paprika. Cook for an additional 1-2 minutes to toast the spices and enhance their flavor.
  3. Pour in lentils and cover with water, bring the mixture to a boil. Reduce the heat to low, cover the pot, and let the soup simmer for about 20-25 minutes, or until the lentils are tender.
  4. Season the soup with salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Serve hot, garnished with fresh parsley or cilantro. make please a list of ingredients and their benefits, why it’s a good combination


This versatile soup lends itself well to customization based on your taste and what you have on hand.

  • Use other lentil types:
    • Green lentils for a firmer texture
    • Red lentils for quicker cooking
    • Brown lentils for more body
  • Swap or add veggies:
    • Spinach, kale, or Swiss chard for extra greens
    • Parsnips, turnips, or sweet potatoes for a variety
    • Mushrooms for savory, meaty quality
    • Diced zucchini or eggplant for texture
  • Stir in protein:
    • Chickpeas or white beans
    • Shredded chicken or turkey
  • Add whole grains:
    • Brown rice or farro for heartiness
  • Top with:
    • A dollop of Greek yogurt
    • Grated cheese like feta or parmesan
    • Fresh herbs like cilantro, parsley or dill
  • Spice it up:
    • Indian garam masala
    • Moroccan chermoula
    • Harissa paste
    • Cajun seasoning
  • Finish with:
    • Squeeze of lemon juice
    • Drizzle of olive oil
    • Crumbled bacon (for the non-veg version)


I don’t know about you, but I’m already drooling just thinking about a steaming bowl of this luscious, protein-packed Black Lentul Soup goodness! This soup has quickly become one of my most craved recipes thanks to its incredible richness and flavor. With just the right balance of earthy spices, hearty lentils, and bright vegetables, it manages to be comforting yet light and nutritious at the same time.

I encourage all my soup-loving friends out there to take the plunge and whip up a pot of this black lentil delicacy. Customize it to your taste with different toppings and spice combos – get creative! I promise that just one spoonful will have you doing a happy dance for healthy, home cooking.

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