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“It’s easy to eat healthy once You know the basics.”

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Meet Ksenia

Your foodie expert
Welcome to Xenias Bites! After 15+ years of cooking and leading kitchens from Cologne to New York City and touring over 25 countries, I’ve cooked for all types. I’ve mastered crafting drool-worthy dishes balanced in both flavor and nutrition, I can turn kale into food fit for a KING, friends!

My Best Blogposts

My goal is to show people how real foods from across cultures can be tasty fuel for our bodies. Let’s leave behind diet traps and explore truly nourishing meals drawing from a mosaic of flavors. What do you say – want to join this mission finding more enjoyment on our plates? There’s a comfort to uncover in every cuisine!

Who Is ksenia Pecerska?

Like so many, I once bought into fad diets and gimmicks promising a quick fix. But depriving myself left me drained and unhappy. After years cooking abroad, I learned the truth: healthy eating isn’t about perfection or restraint – it’s joy and nourishment from quality ingredients!

I discovered you can enjoy all cuisines yet feel wholesome and energized. Now I whip up satisfying recipes that make me feel good inside and out. I want to share the wisdom I gained roaming global kitchens – sustainable ideas for meal planning, safety basics, brainstorming healthy flavors.

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On my site, WE can dive into topics like:

And SO much more! Real talk with foodie friends is what it’s all about!
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My Top Recipes

I carefully curated these recipes and counted all the calories so you don’t have to.

Stay In Touch

Ready for a POSITIVE community where support comes baked right into every bite? I’m saving YOU a seat at the table!

On Xenia’s Bites it’s an adventurous SUPPORT CIRCLE of figuring out this journey together – no judgment, only high fives for trying! I’ve learned a few chef tricks after managing PRO kitchens – from clever ingredient swaps to time-saving tools that make prep a breeze.
And I’m ready to share ALL my healthy cooking hacks with the whole dang crew! Who’s ready to EAT GOOD?

I’m on a mission to pass the kitchen magic onto YOU! My philosophy is simple – take it slow one step at a time, you can succeed in anything.
There is only one way to eat an elephant – one bite at a time!
Who’s hungry for some kitchen inspiration? I’m reserving your seat at the table!

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