Sheet Pan Salmon and vegetables: 1 easy meal

Hello, natural food lovers! I’m excited to share one of my favorite healthy dinner recipes with you today – Sheet Pan Salmon and vegetables. I love this meal because it delivers maximum flavor with minimum fuss. As soon as I discovered how delicious and simple sheet pan salmon dinners could be, I knew I had to share the method with all my foodie friends.

As a nutrition coach specializing in clean eating, I’m always seeking out tasty new ways to get more nourishing whole foods into my diet. This oven-baked salmon is a total home run – wild-caught salmon cooked to tender, flaky perfection alongside caramelized vegetables brimming with vitamins and minerals.

In this article, I’ll walk you through exactly how to make this beautiful sheet pan salmon and vegetables dinner, from the incredible health benefits of each ingredient to tips for adapting flavors to suit your tastes. You’ll learn just how uncomplicated a gourmet meal can be. Get ready and let’s get cooking!

Sheet pan salmon and vegetables
Image by: Janis Pavulans

Ingredients and their benefits

I love the powerful nutrient combination we’ve got in this recipe! Every ingredient works together to create a dish that nourishes your body with anti-inflammatory omegas, antioxidants, vitamin C, and more.


Raw salmon on the tray
Image by: Janis Pavulans

Brimming with inflammation-fighting omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is one of the best fish you can eat. The wild-caught variety also provides lower mercury levels and higher heart-healthy fats than farm-raised.


Broccoli pieces
Image by: Janis Pavulans

One of my favorite superfood veggies. With ample vitamin C, K, fiber, and protective compounds like sulforaphane, broccoli boosts immunity and liver health. And the crowns caramelize beautifully right alongside the salmon.

Red Pepper

Vibrant red bell peppers add a pop of color, crunchy sweetness, and an extra blast of antioxidant vitamins A and C too. They taste amazing with salmon.


Zucchini rounds out our veggie trio – it’s rich supply of manganese and vitamin C team up with the salmon to battle inflammation and free radicals.

Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil provides heart-healthy monounsaturated fats that not only taste delicious but also aid the body’s absorption of the omega-3s and antioxidants from the salmon and vegetables.


Lemon cutted in half on the wooden board
Image by: Janis Pavulans

As a natural anti-inflammatory superstar, lemon contains antioxidant vitamin C and plant compounds that boost immunity and slow aging. The zing of acidity from the lemon juice and zest cuts through the richness of the salmon beautifully.

Bringing it all together is the bright flavor duo of olive oil and lemon. The good monounsaturated fats in olive oil aid nutrient absorption and lemon brings acidity to balance the richness of the salmon. This sheet pan dinner truly combines optimal nutrition and irresistible flavors in one easy recipe!

Sheet pan salmon and vegetables: Step-by-step

Prepare your ingredients, preheat the oven, and get ready for an effortless meal prep!

Raw salmon and vegetables on the wooden board
Image by: Janis Pavulans
Baking tray on the board
Image by: Janis Pavulans

First, cut your vegetables and put them on the tray, one by one

Add some cold water to the vegetables to keep them moisturized and juicy

Pouring water to the vegetables on the baking tray
Image by: Janis Pavulans

Now prepare one more baking paper for the salmon and don’t forget to season it well

Raw salmon fillet on the baking paper
Image by: Janis Pavulans

Now assemble all together, season your veg with olive oil, salt, and black pepper, and get ready for baking!

Vegeatables and salmon on the baking tray
Image by: Janis Pavulans

Put the tray into preheated oven and bake for about 12-15 minutes

Putting the tray with vegetables into the oven
Image by: Janis Pavulans

Remove the baking tray from the oven.

Cooked vegetables and salmon fillets on the baking tray
Image by: Janis Pavulans

Now it’s finally time to serve and enjoy this simple Sheet pan salmon and vegetables!

Cooked salmon and vegetables on the plate
Image by: Janis Pavulans


One of the things I love about this sheet pan salmon and vegetables dinner is how easy it is to swap out ingredients to suit your tastes or what you have on hand. Though I love the flavor mix of broccoli, bell pepper, and zucchini, you could easily substitute other vegetables that roast well – think Brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, sweet corn, asparagus, or green beans. Just adjust cooking times slightly for harder veggies.


I genuinely hope you’ll give this super easy Sheet Pan Salmon and Vegetables a try! As you saw, it delivers a complete, balanced meal with very little effort. In about 20 minutes you’ll have juicy salmon and crisp roasted veggies that your whole family will love.

Play around with different seasoning combos and veggie options until you create a version that hits all your tastebuds’ sweet spots. Customize it to make this recipe your own! Since wild salmon, olive oil and antioxidant-rich vegetables will always be healthy staples, this makes for a meal you can feel great about eating on repeat.

Let me know if you give this delicious one-pan dinner a whirl or have any other recipe requests! For even more wholesome dinner inspiration be sure to check out my other recipes, and I see you soon!

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