Perfect Porridge with Fruit – A Wholesome Breakfast

Hey friends! I’m excited to share my go-to breakfast recipe: porridge with fruit. This hearty, nutritious bowl of oats and fruit is the perfect way to start your day or treat yourself as a healthy snack.

As a nutrition coach and a professional chef, I love this meal, for its simplicity and nutritional benefits. Thanks to the combo of slow-burning oats and natural sugars from the fruit, it will keep you feeling full and focused for hours.

Porridge with fruit in a bowl
Image by: Janis Pavulans

In this post, I’ll walk you through how to make delicious porridge with fruit at home, going over the health benefits of each ingredient.

Get ready to start your mornings off right with a bowl of comforting, tasty porridge with fruit! Let’s check out why this meal has become my daily staple.

Why This Meal Is My Go-to

Porridge with fruits has been my go-to breakfast since childhood. My grandmother used to call it my “Princess Porridge.” She’d say the healthy oats and sweet fruits would keep my mind and body energized, “and keep your eyes sparkling too!”

I find porridge with fruit is the best of both worlds: hearty yet refreshing. The subtle sweetness of fruit balances and lifts the creamy filling oats.

Serving oat porridge with fruit into a bowl
Image by: Janis Pavulans

Beyond tasting delicious, this meal is a nutritionally balanced and healthy breakfast to power you through the morning.

And here’s why:

  • The warm, creamy oatmeal is perfectly balanced by the natural sweetness of fresh fruit
  • You can customize it endlessly too – try different berries, fruits, nuts, and seeds
  • It’s warm and filling enough for chilly mornings but the fruit adds a refreshing twist.

Ingredients and their Health benefits

Choosing the right ingredients not only makes your meal more nutritious but also more delicious while keeping calories in check. The following ingredients for this recipe are:


Dried oats n the bowl

Oats contain high fiber which can help lower unhealthy cholesterol levels. They also provide slow-releasing carbohydrates to fuel your brain and body, keeping you feeling fuller for longer. I prefer to choose organic oats, as they are not produced with chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Coconut Milk

The healthy fats in coconut milk can help control hunger and cravings. Coconut milk gives the porridge a rich, creamy texture without any dairy. My favorite choice is unsweetened light coconut milk. Its subtly sweet and creamy profile perfectly balances the hearty oats and fresh fruits.


Ripe bananas blend into healthy breakfast porridge quite seamlessly, lending natural sweetness, potassium, and creaminess without overpowering the oats. Though bananas make this breakfast more nutritious, I can’t resist snacking on them too!


These little blue powerhouses provide vitamin C and antioxidants. Blueberries pop nicely when you bite into them, adding juicy sweetness.

Cherries (frozen)

Using frozen cherries locks in flavor and nutrients like vitamin A, potassium, and antioxidants. Frozen over fresh prevents excess juice from diluting the porridge. But when cherries are at peak ripeness, freshness offers an unparalleled vibrant sweet-tart taste and delicate texture.


Nutty, crunchy flaxseeds add protein and fiber and amp up the nutrition considerably. Just a spoonful of these mighty seeds supply plant-based omega-3s for heart and brain health.

How to cook porridge Step-by-step guide

Prepare Your Cooking Station

Begin by organizing your cooking station. Gather all the necessary ingredients and cooking utensils to make the cooking process smooth and efficient.

Oat porridge ingredients on the wooden board
Image by: Janis Pavulans

Weigh Your Ingredients

Carefully weigh out the oats, water, coconut milk, and any other ingredients that will be used. Using precise measurements can make a significant difference in the consistency and flavor of the oatmeal.

Oats and milk
Image by: Janis Pavulans

Cook the Oatmeal

Combine the oats, water, and coconut milk in a saucepan. Place over high heat and bring the mixture to a boil. stirring continuously with a wooden or silicone spoon to prevent sticking.

Once boiling, reduce the heat to medium. Let the porridge simmer for 5-7 minutes, stirring frequently, until it starts to thicken.

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Image by: Janis Pavulans

Reduce the heat to low, cover the pan with a lid, and let it sit for another 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally. The oats should be tender, and the porridge should have a creamy consistency.

Covered porridge in the saucepan.
Image by: Janis Pavulans

Prepare the Toppings

While the oatmeal is simmering, wash and slice the berries and fruits. This garnish will add fresh flavors and textures to the creamy oatmeal.

Serve and Customize

Serve the cooked oatmeal in bowls. Arrange the banana slices and blueberries on top, followed by cherries and a sprinkle of flax seeds for an extra nutritional boost.

Feel free to customize your oatmeal with different toppings according to your preference, making each bowl unique and tailored to your taste.

Porridge with fruit

Recipe by Ksenija PecerskaCourse: Breakfast, SnacksCuisine: MediterraneanDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time






  • 100 grams Oats

  • 300 grams Coconut milk (No sugars)

  • 100 grams Water

  • 100 grams Banana

  • 50 grams Cherries (Frozen)

  • 40 grams Blueberries

  • 40 grams Strawberries

  • 0.05 grams Flax Seeds

  • 5 grams Pumpkin seeds


  • Add the oats, water, and coconut milk to a saucepan. Place on high heat and bring to a boil while stirring continuously with a wooden spoon.
  • Once boiling, reduce heat to medium and let simmer for 5-7 minutes, until porridge starts to thicken, stirring frequently.
  • Reduce heat to low, cover pan with lid, and let cook for another 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally, until oats are tender and porridge is creamy.
  • While the porridge is simmering, wash and slice the banana. Rinse blueberries.
  • To serve, spoon porridge into a bowl. Arrange banana slices and blueberries, with strawberries on top. Add frozen cherries. Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds.


  • Change fruits and berries for unique flavors every day.

How to eat Porridge every day?

I feel you, getting bored of the same old boring oatmeal every day. But listen, there are so many easy ways to mix it up so your morning bowl doesn’t get bland. I like to swap out different toppings to keep things interesting. Some days I’m feeling fancy and go all out with a bunch of fruit, nuts, and seeds. On other days, I just want something simple and comforting.

Here are some of my favorite toppings

  • Nuts: almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts
  • Nut butter: almond butter is my favorite one, but also I love peanut or cashew nut
  • Fresh fruit: banana, pears, kiwi, fig, passion fruit, apple
  • Fresh berries: blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries
  • Frozen berries: cherries, mango, cranberries
  • Natural sugar: maple syrup, date, or agave syrup
  • Seeds: flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds
  • Spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla bean, tonka bean


What fruits go with porridge?

Almost all fruits pair nicely with porridge. Some top choices are bananas, berries (like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries), mango, peach, apple, raisins, dates and dried fruits. The options are endless!

Is porridge with fruit healthy?

Yes. Porridge made with whole oats and milk combined with fresh or dried fruits is a very healthy, balanced breakfast. The complex carbs in oats plus fiber and vitamins from fruit provide sustained energy.

Is porridge with dried fruit good for you?

In moderation, yes. Dried fruits pack a concentrated dose of nutrients. But they also contain natural sugars and calories, so portion sizes matter. A handful of raisins or dates makes a great addition to an otherwise balanced porridge.

Is it OK to eat porridge every day?

Absolutely! Whole grain porridge can be part of a healthy routine. As with any food, variety is important for a well-rounded diet, but porridge eaten regularly promotes good heart health and lasting daily energy with its soluble fiber content.

Does porridge keep you full for long?

Yes, porridge is very effective at keeping you feeling full and satisfied for several hours after eating it.


Listen up, friends! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Porridge with fruit is a great, yet nutritious meal! This sweet and hearty combo hits the spot any morning. And I know once you stir up this simple recipe, you’ll make it again and again!

First, the warm whole grains keep you feeling fueled and focused for hours. Then all that juicy, fiber-filled fruit takes your tastebuds on a ride, balancing and brightening up the filling oats. Potassium-rich banana slices blend in seamlessly. Perhaps a crunch of omega-packed flaxseed here and there!

Porridge with fruit in a bowl
Image by: Ksenija Pecerska

Endless custom combos await your spoon. Trust me, friends…the porridge possibilities are endless when the fruits, berries, nuts, and seeds are involved!

If you loved this recipe, check out my other healthy meals that are easy to make, low in calories, and delicious Remember, one bite at a time, and see you soon!

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