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Creamy Chicken Mushroom Spinach Pasta Delight

Hello, pasta lovers! Today, I’m excited to share a recipe that brings together creamy goodness and nutritious ingredients— Chicken Mushroom Spinach Pasta. I’ve loved pasta all my life, and the combination of chicken, mushrooms, and cheese has always been my favourite.

As a professional chef and nutritionist, I’ve designed this dish to be both delicious and healthy, perfect for a comforting meal that doesn’t compromise on nutrition. Let’s dive into the health benefits of each key ingredient and enjoy this magical chicken mushroom spinach pasta!

Creamy Chicken Mushroom Spinach Pasta Delight
1 Portion 350 kcals | 30g Protein | 37g Carbs | 9g Fats
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Ingredients and their health benefits

Before making this awesome chicken mushroom spinach pasta, let’s dive into the benefits of this meal.


Pasta is a versatile and satisfying carbohydrate source that provides essential energy for the body. It is rich in complex carbohydrates, which are digested slowly, providing a steady release of energy. Pasta also contains important nutrients such as folate, iron, and B vitamins, which support overall health. Whole-grain pasta varieties add fiber, which aids in digestion and helps maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is a lean source of high-quality protein, which is essential for muscle repair and maintenance. A 150g serving provides approximately 40g of protein and is low in fat, making it an ideal choice for those looking to maintain or build muscle while keeping calorie intake in check.


Spinach is a nutrient-dense leafy green that is low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as folate and iron. These nutrients contribute to overall health by supporting immune function, skin health, and blood clotting. Spinach is also rich in antioxidants, which help protect your cells from damage and reduce inflammation.


Mushrooms are low in calories but packed with nutrients. They are a good source of B vitamins, including riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid, which help support energy metabolism and brain function. Mushrooms also provide selenium, an antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage, and beta-glucans, which support immune health.

Parmesan cheese

Parmesan cheese is a hard, aged cheese known for its rich flavor and nutritional benefits. It is a good source of high-quality protein and calcium, which are essential for bone health and muscle function. Parmesan also provides vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, B12, zinc, and phosphorus. Its intense flavor allows you to use smaller amounts to enhance dishes, adding depth without significantly increasing calorie intake. Additionally, Parmesan contains probiotics that support gut health.

Step-by-Step: chicken mushroom spinach pasta

Chicken, myshroom, spinach pasta ingredients on the wooden board

Get all the ingredients ready and let’s get started!

Saute Mushrooms and Onions

Start with cooking your mushrooms first. Yeah, I know, why mushrooms and not a chicken? Well, mushrooms contain a lot of water and you need to get rid of it first. So start by preheating a skillet and cooking it dry until it loses all the water.

Then add a little olive oil and some diced onions, cook for 1-2 minutes, and add minced garlic.

Cooked mushrooms

Season it well with salt and pepper. Cook them till they get brown and put them aside.

Cook the Pasta

While mushrooms are almost ready, bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add pasta (such as penne or fettuccine) and cook according to package instructions until al dente. Drain and set aside.

Cook the Chicken

While the pasta cooks, heat olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Use the same skillet as for mushrooms. Add thinly sliced chicken breast and sauté until nearly cooked through. Season your chicken with salt and pepper. Then add your cooked vegetables and mix them well.

Add chicken stock

Time to add chicken stock and leave it simmering for about 2-3 minutes. Add a little of parmesan cheese to thicken it.

Mix with Pasta

Add the drained pasta to the skillet, tossing everything together to coat the pasta evenly with the sauce. Season with salt and pepper to taste. And last but not least add spinach, mix it well, and start plating.

Chicken, mushroom and spinach pasta served into a plate

Customization Ideas

Tailor this pasta with different ingredients and find your favorite one.

  • Pasta Options: Use whole wheat pasta, gluten-free pasta, or any pasta shape you prefer.
  • Cheese Substitutes: Replace ricotta with cottage cheese, or Greek yogurt, or leave it out for a lighter version.
  • Dairy-Free: Substitute the cream and ricotta with coconut milk or a plant-based cream alternative.

Chicken Mushroom Spinach Pasta

Recipe by Ksenija PecerskaCourse: DinnerCuisine: ItalianDifficulty: Easy


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This dish is a comforting meal that brings together the flavors of tender chicken, earthy mushrooms, and fresh spinach in a creamy sauce. It’s perfect for a quick dinner that doesn’t compromise on taste or nutrition.


  • 200 grams chicken breast, thinly sliced

  • 200 grams of pasta (such as penne or fettuccine)

  • 50 grams of spinach, washed and roughly chopped

  • 100 grams mushrooms, sliced

  • 1 clove garlic, minced

  • 100 ml chicken stock

  • Salt and pepper, to taste

  • 15 ml olive oil

  • Grated Parmesan cheese for garnish (optional)


  • Cook the pasta: Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add the pasta and cook according to package instructions until al dente. Drain and set aside.
  • Sauté the mushrooms first. Get rid of all liquid, add a little olive oil, add diced onions and minced garlic. Cook it through and leave it on a side.
  • Now cook chicken and sauté until it’s nearly cooked through. Then add your vegetables and mix them well.
  • Add chicken stock and a little grated Parmesan cheese.
  • Mix with pasta: Add the drained pasta to the skillet, tossing everything together to coat the pasta evenly with the sauce. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Add the spinach: Incorporate the spinach into the skillet, stirring until it wilts.
  • Serve immediately while the pasta is hot, sprinkle with grated Parmesan and enjoy.


What type of mushroom is best for pasta?

The best types of mushrooms for pasta include cremini (baby bella) mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and portobello mushrooms.

  • Cremini (Baby Bella) Mushrooms: These have a rich, earthy flavor and a firm texture that holds up well in pasta dishes.
  • Shiitake Mushrooms: Known for their meaty texture and umami flavor, they add depth to any pasta sauce.
  • Portobello Mushrooms: Their large size and robust flavor make them a great addition, especially when sliced thinly.

Can I use a different type of pasta?

Yes, you can use any type of pasta you like. Whole wheat pasta, gluten-free pasta, or even vegetable-based pasta can be great alternatives.

How can I make this dish dairy-free?

To make this dish dairy-free, use coconut milk or a plant-based cream alternative instead of light cream, and omit the ricotta cheese or use a dairy-free cheese substitute.


Indulge in this chicken mushroom spinach pasta’s creamy textures and rich flavours! It’s a comforting meal that doesn’t skimp on nutrition, offering a healthier take on traditional creamy pasta.

Whether you’re looking for dinner or a nutritious lunch, this pasta dish will satisfy you. Experiment with different ingredients to make it your own, and enjoy the delicious combination of chicken, mushrooms, and spinach.

Chicken, mushroom, spinach pasta

If you loved this recipe, check out more of my healthy and delicious recipes on the blog.

See you soon, and remember, one bite at a time!

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